Get a big picture of your company and benefit from valuable tips!

High-level view on:

  • profitability of projects and their parts/subprojects
  • profitability of clients
  • profitability of employees
  • and much more

The interactive chart allows showing your profits within a certain period.

Tips from our robot (AI):

  • Increase reward by a specific employee to x CZK (his or her work is efficient and the related profitability reaches high levels).
  • Your employee generates loss for you.
  • This company generates the highest profits for you; devote more effort to it.
  • This company generates more costs than incomes; consider whether this is a key client for you.

Setting parameters:

  • minimum and maximum margin
  • operating expenses and categorising them (e.g. server operating costs, marketing, office costs etc.)

We are convinced that HintBot will become a valuable part of your enterprise system. It can be implemented into the established IT landscape quite easily; or, if you are starting your business, we can offer you a comprehensive service package for managing your company.