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Get an overview about your company, project and client profitability, valuable tips and much more!

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How to analyze profitability data?

Many companies are thinking abou how to properly display data on the profitability of their projects, individual clients or employees. At the same time, they often look for ways to generate analyzes from their collected data, and think about what their decisions should take. Our HintBot can help with this. It is easy to implement in an already established system and can soon become a valuable part of your business.

Why HintBot?

  • It can view the profitability of projects and their parts, client profitability and employee profitability

  • It can advise which employees to increase salary to

  • It can identify which customers generate the most profits and make it worthwhile to devote them the most

  • Every capable programmer can continue on our work seamlessly

  • It is able to show customers who are laborious and do not bring the right profit

What can HintBot do?

Artificial intelligence
  1. Tips from our robot (AI):

    • Increase reward by a specific employee to x CZK (his or her work is efficient and the related profitability reaches high levels).
    • Your employee generates loss for you.
    • This company generates the highest profits for you; devote more effort to it.
    • This company generates more costs than incomes; consider whether this is a key client for you.
  2. Setting parameters:

    • minimum and maximum margin
    • operating expenses and categorising them (e.g. server operating costs, marketing, office costs etc.)

Mobile application development

  1. Specification

    We are ready to go through your vision, we will help you to fine-tune the details in your project foreseen. Based on your ideas we will define the specifications and then suggest the final pricing.

  2. Development and testing

    During the project work we will notify you regularly on its status. In case of the agile development we can present you the recent updates every 14 days.

  3. Propagation and support

    This is however just the beginning of our cooperation; we will take care of your projects further on. We are also ready to offer you services of online marketing, provided by our subsidiary company.

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Android application

Do you need connecting to Internet via VPN? No problem with our application NetKey.

Energy Assets

PhoneGap mobile application (iOS, Android)

Application for registering devices; the application provides many functionalities, it is necessary to try.


Hey you, what's up?

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Ask your friends, your family, or some of your contacts: “Hey you, what’s going on?” and their image-based answer will speak for everything.

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Mobile applications

Applications for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, as both native and hybrid development.

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Web-based applications

PHP, ASP.NET, or web-based applications in different technologies are a daily routine for us.

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Artificial intelligence

Our applications are smart, can understand different inputs, can learn from the user, and foresee events.

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