Vue.js was created by Evan You, after he worked for Google, and used on many projects AngularJS. Author has wanted to use what has been working on Angular and on these basics, he has built something very relieved. The original release happened in February 2014.

Usage of Vue.js

Vue.js is progressive JavaScript Framework for creation of user interfaces. It was created so it would facilitate integration to projects, which use other JavaScript libraries. It can serve as application Framework for web apps, which can create advanced one-side apps. Its aim was to simplify the web development. Vue.js used e. g. Facebook for part of their Newsfeed or Netflix for some of their internal applications.

Specifics of Vue.js

In comparison to framework React, which comes clearly from JavaScript, Vue.js builds on classical web technologies. It offers templates, which are easy to use for gradual migration of existing apps. It also simplifies parsing and contributing to the code for the starting developers. It is small, it is possible to learn it relatively quickly and has comprehensive documentation, which helps the starting designers and programmers.

Advantages of Vue.js

  • Size. The success of JavaScript framework depends on its size. One of the biggest advantages of Vue.js is the minimal size of 18-21 KB, thanks to which we can download it quickly and start to use it. That is not bound to low speed, because it leads even in that area in contrast to spacious frameworks like the React.js, Angular.js or Ember.js.
  • Simplicity. Popularity of this framework among other things comes from that it is easy to understand. User can Vue.js simply add to his new project. With the help of framework, there can be created big and small templates, by which is saved a lot of time. In case of problems, the blocks of code, containing mistake, can be easily identified.
  • Integration. Vue.js simplifies the integration with existing apps, which are based on JavaScript. It can be used, besides the creation of new apps, for modification of the current.
  • Documentation. Developers value Framework, which has a detail documentation, because it is easier to write first app in it. Vue.js documentation is very capacious and helps everyone with minimal knowledge of JavaScript and HTML to develop own app or websites.
  • Flexibility. Vue.js enables to write templates in HTML files or JavaScript files.

Disadvantages of Vue.js

  • Lack of sources. Vue.js has small market share in comparison to React or Angular, which means, that sharing the knowledge in this framework is still at the beginning.
  • Risk of exaggerated flexibility. In some cases, can happen, that Vue.js would have problems with integration to huge projects and there would not exist previous experiences with possible solution.
  • Missing parts of the documentation in English language.